How Architects Can Use Wireless Technology When Designing Houses?

Designing a house is quite a responsible task because an architect needs to follow all the rules and regulations that are designed for building standards in a particular country. Along with following the rules and regulations, the architect needs to design the house in such a way that the customer may feel completely satisfied with the design.

The design of a building is interconnected with the rules and regulations so an architect needs to fulfill both the requirements when designing a good quality house. There are several things that are included in designing a good quality home but the addition of technology is something that inspires most of the homeowners these days.

So, the architects need to keep themselves updated about the latest technology that is being used for designing houses. The advancement of technology has brought many changes to the building designs. There is a wide range of wireless equipment that architectures add into the design of a home to make it look amazing and outstanding.

Some of these wireless devices are supposed to provide proper security to the homeowner while others are meant to increase the efficiency of the home. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best wireless technology that architects can add into a home design to create a unique design.

Wireless fire alarm system

The fire alarm systems are commonly being used in almost all the progressive countries. In some countries, it is included into the standards of home design. This relates the importance of this amazing system that can help you prevent fire damage in the home.

The old traditional fire alarms are good at protecting your house but the problem with those fire alarm systems is that they’re wired and sometimes due to some electricity problem they themselves catch fire and can’t send an alert to the fire department or the homeowner. Keeping this in mind wireless fire alarm systems are introduced that can protect your home without any wires or cables.

Wireless doorbells

From a security perspective, wireless doorbells are becoming very popular these days. The reason why they are famous is that they come with a camera installed in them. The camera provides you a real-time view of what’s going outside and it also records the video of anyone who comes to the home. Thus, you can check before opening the door if some thief or robber is standing outside.

Check out this wireless doorbell if you want to make your home safe and secure. Some of these wireless doorbells come equipped with advanced software that sends an alert to the police and the homeowner if something wrong is going around the home.

Wireless door locks

Adding the wireless door locks in the home design can also help a lot. Wireless door locks are very common these days. A person can operate these door locks with their smartphone app. So, there’ll be no need of keeping a key with you. The best thing about these door locks is that they’re not easy to break.

What New Architects Need To Know Before Their First Project?

 Are you meeting your client for the first time? The meeting can either make a deal or break it. Your meeting may motivate you to accomplish the project or can even pressurize you till the end. Well, when it comes to handling your first project in your career, you have to be very careful as that determines your success in the later stage. The first meeting with your client is just the briefing session and is not about establishing a connection. Project yourself as the one who is most desired in the industry. You must sound convincing and professional. There are various things you need to know before handling the first project as an architect according to Joe Nahas, the property expert, and architect.

 Talking to the client patiently

Yes! It is your first project, and you will feel apprehensive. It is important to talk to the client and learn about the family structure, the living habits, the patterns, and lifestyle. Only by knowing the demand of the client, you can add a personal touch to the design approach. There will be some clients who seem to know more than you about architecture. In that case, you must be patient enough while talking to him. Keep in mind that you are an architect who is educated in the field.

Establishing timelines hold special significance

Right from the first project, you must deliver the projects on time. Setting your timeframe and the client’s is vital. Discussing the project helps a lot when it comes to eliminating ambiguity. Both you and the client must agree to the timeframe or the start and ending date.

Tell your client right away if you cannot handle the project

It may happen that you are not in a position to take up the project. Under such situations, it is crucial to inform the client that you cannot take up the project. To convince the client, you may suggest an alternate option. Be clear about the project delivery date, the pricing, and other factors.

Know about the overall budget

You may ask your client about the approximate budget he/she can manage. Everything will be messy if there is break up of price quotes at the later stage. There is no point in thinking about Bronze Armani Marbles when the client can only afford modest laminates.

Informing about your strengths and weaknesses is must

When you are talking to the client, it is mandatory to let the person know about your strength and weakness. For instance, if you are unsure of light installation, talk to the client. If you are unable to select accessories for space, you must speak to the other person. Not accepting your shortcoming leads to unnecessary pressure in the later stage.

Do not work for an old guard firm. You must choose a company which embraces energy, ideas, and enthusiasm of the young people. Before you proceed to accomplish your first project, learn about the architecture community and also allied fields. Since it is your career, you must be serious about your first architecture project.

What should I choose? A shower bath or a separate bath?

When you are deciding which home to buy then you should go for the one which has all the facilities but when it comes to the bathroom then what you should look for? What should be the basic requirement in the bathroom and what you should prefer?

Let’s have a look here whether you should go for the shower bath or a separate bath?


Everyone has different choices like some people like the bathtub while others like the shower. According to the reports and research, it has been seen that bathtub takes a lot of water as compared to the shower.

When you use the bathtub, it takes about 30-35 gallons of water during your bath but when you use the shower, it takes 2.5-gallon water which is a huge difference. If you want to reduce your water bills, you should go for the shower bath.


Usually, parents don’t choose bathtubs for the babies because they are not safe inside the bathtub. Due to the lack of support, they may drown inside and this is not the safest way to give a bath to the babies.

A separate shower is a safe place for your baby to have a bath. There will be no fear of drowning and they can enjoy their bath. You can keep the seat under the shower and they can enjoy their time safely.


When you don’t want to spend money for a long time then having bathtub is not a good idea at all. After a certain time period bathtub starts getting old and you have to change them to have a proper bath.

If you want something reliable and long lasting in your home then choose separate shower for this purpose. Go for the high quality and you don’t have to change the shower for the life time.


Separate showers add value to your home as well. At the time of buying the home, people prefer buying the homes that have one bathtub but they also prefer a separate shower to be in the home.

If you are about to go for the separate shower fitting in every bathroom then at the time of selling your home it’s worth will be increased due to the presence of basic facility in your bathroom and you will get a handsome amount in your hand.


Another big advantage of having separate shower bath is that you don’t have to spend money again and again for the cleaning lotions and maintenance. If you have a bathtub then you have to take extra care of that and you have to keep it clean with the help of different cleaners.

While on the other hand if you are using separate shower then there will be no need of maintenance and different kinds of lotions to use it in the long run. You will be able to use it without spending anything on it.

The Benefits Of Condominiums

Owing a house is one of the most expensive investments that many people will make. Nonetheless, purchasing a house is also a crucial investment that yields a sense of security for many people. Equally a house being an investment creates huge opportunities for many people to engage in generational wealth creation – the creation of the kind of wealth that can be passed down through multiple generations.


One of the options in home ownership is a condominium. Condos are increasingly in popularity owing to the specific benefits that they can only yield. Herein we are going to explore the benefits of investing in and living in condos, as opposed to standalone houses.

#1. Lower Cost Of Purchase – The biggest benefit of investing in condos is the low cost of ownership. Considering the fact owning a standalone house also includes the cost of purchasing the land on which the property is built, which increases the cost of purchase of the house. On the other hand, the cost of purchasing a condo does not usually include the cost of the land. As such, the condos tend to cost lower when compared to standalone properties within the same area.


#2. A Low-Maintenance Life-Style – Aside from the lower cost of purchase, condos are also characterized lower cost of maintenance. Additionally, the actual maintenance responsibility is not charged on the owner of the condo, thus negating the time and effort dedicated to maintaining your home and freeing up time for condo owners.

#3. Social Connections StrengtheningCondominium developments are at the very core a small community of residents. The building creates a very favorable opportunity for unit owners to live in a community that negating the prospects of living in isolation, which is, for the most part, can characterize living in a standalone property. Even though some may consider this factor as trivial, there is no replacing the feeling of living in a community and the sense of security that comes with living neighbors.


#4. Ability To Live In Exclusive Locations – Owing to the fact the cost of purchasing condos and the cost of maintenance of unit is considerably low, this option opens up the possibility of owning a house in very exclusive and often time expensive addresses. Condos allow property owner with no financial muscle to afford houses in expensive location to own houses in these areas. To this end, a property owner can who fancies living near their place of work, transit points, or near shopping center but cannot afford to purchase a standalone property due to the cost associated with purchasing land can opt for the much cheaper condo option.

#5. Access To Extra Amenities – For the property developers to attract property owners to condos, they tend to add enticing features and amenities to the building. Therefore, the vast majority of condos come with extra features that would cost a fortune to install in standalone properties. For instance, it is common to find condos with swimming pools, gyms, and party rooms, all of which makes living in the condos a delight. As you can appreciate, living in condos such as e2 condos yonge and eglinton makes it easy to access these features and amenities at a lower price point.


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AIA Grassroots Leadership and Legislative Conference

March 20 – 23, 2013
At the 2011 Grassroots Conference, audience members at an introductory program for component leaders attending Grassroots for the first time noted that they had no idea what to expect, or what was expected of them, during the time they were in Washington.

This brief summary of the Grassroots schedule provides general information for new attendees to hopefully improve your first experience of this very informative program.

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