What New Architects Need To Know Before Their First Project?

 Are you meeting your client for the first time? The meeting can either make a deal or break it. Your meeting may motivate you to accomplish the project or can even pressurize you till the end. Well, when it comes to handling your first project in your career, you have to be very careful as that determines your success in the later stage. The first meeting with your client is just the briefing session and is not about establishing a connection. Project yourself as the one who is most desired in the industry. You must sound convincing and professional.

 Talking to the client patiently

Yes! It is your first project, and you will feel apprehensive. It is important to talk to the client and learn about the family structure, the living habits, the patterns, and lifestyle. Only by knowing the demand of the client, you can add a personal touch to the design approach. There will be some clients who seem to know more than you about architecture. In that case, you must be patient enough while talking to him. Keep in mind that you are an architect who is educated in the field.

Establishing timelines hold special significance

Right from the first project, you must deliver the projects on time. Setting your timeframe and the client’s is vital. Discussing the project helps a lot when it comes to eliminating ambiguity. Both you and the client must agree to the timeframe or the start and ending date.

Tell your client right away if you cannot handle the project

It may happen that you are not in a position to take up the project. Under such situations, it is crucial to inform the client that you cannot take up the project. To convince the client, you may suggest an alternate option. Be clear about the project delivery date, the pricing, and other factors.

Know about the overall budget

You may ask your client about the approximate budget he/she can manage. Everything will be messy if there is break up of price quotes at the later stage. There is no point in thinking about Bronze Armani Marbles when the client can only afford modest laminates.

Informing about your strengths and weaknesses is must

When you are talking to the client, it is mandatory to let the person know about your strength and weakness. For instance, if you are unsure of light installation, talk to the client. If you are unable to select accessories for space, you must speak to the other person. Not accepting your shortcoming leads to unnecessary pressure in the later stage.

Do not work for an old guard firm. You must choose a company which embraces energy, ideas, and enthusiasm of the young people. Before you proceed to accomplish your first project, learn about the architecture community and also allied fields. Since it is your career, you must be serious about your first architecture project.

Post Author: Joseph Horton